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  • Enroll in paperless billing -- a new feature we are happy to offer from now on

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Deduct a Meter Program
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Deduct Water Meter Program

Commercial and Industrial customers who have a portion of their wastewater flow that does not enter the wastewater collection system — for things like irrigation, cooling towers, swimming pools (that do not drain to the sewer), etc. — may apply to join the Deduct Meter Program.

Customers participating in the program shall have the amount of flow that goes through an approved, properly functioning, deduct meter removed from the Wastewater Treatment Charge usage portion of their bill. This deduction, for some customers, can result in significant savings on their bill.

Please note that it is solely the responsibility of the customer to maintain, in good working order, all the installed equipment required for AlexRenew to get accurate deduct meter readings.

Program requirements and complete an application for the Deduct Meter Program
Submit completed applications to AlexRenew

Forms may be submitted by mail or email

For email submission:  Please send your completed form to

For mail submission:

If you do not wish or are not able to provide submit the online form above, you may print out the form and mail it to us at the following address:

Alexandria Renew Enterprises
Customer Service Department
1800 Limerick Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314