Major Projects


Major Projects

AlexRenew’s major projects are a vital investment in the public health of the community we serve, and a commitment to preparing for a future with continued access to clean water and healthy waterways. 


Commonwealth Interceptor Study

AlexRenew is studying a portion of the Commonwealth Interceptor — a separate sanitary sewer that is owned and operated by the authority — to evaluate alternatives to mitigate capacity issues in the interceptor due to excess infiltration and inflow. 

Alternatives being evaluated include:

  • Improving the existing stormwater system capacity to minimize flooding (City project) 
  • Disconnecting rain leaders from the separate sanitary sewer system (City project) 
  • Eliminating discharges from foundation drains and sump pumps into the separate sanitary sewer system (City project) 
  • Removing cross-connections (City project) 
  • Sealing manhole covers on separate sanitary sewers in low-lying areas (City project) 
  • Rehabilitating existing separate sanitary sewers, manholes, and laterals (City project)
  • Increasing the capacity of Commonwealth Interceptor (AlexRenew implemented project)

Watch the video below to learn more about the study.