Reclaimed Water


Reclaimed Water

The average person in the United States uses approximately 100 gallons of water per day, doing everything from flushing toilets and showering to washing dishes and clothes. We maximize onsite water efficiency by utilizing “reclaimed” water for non-potable purposes such as flushing, cleaning equipment, heating and cooling, hydraulics, and in our educational water features.

Our facility removes over 90% of the nitrogen and close to 100% of the phosphorus from the dirty water coming into our facility. Those nutrients are what fuel the growth of harmful algae blooms in our waterways. We then produce clean water that can be reused on our site or put to beneficial use in our community, this is called reclaimed water. We also make reclaimed water available to contractors free of charge for approved uses as well! AlexRenewhas developed a reclaimed water program that will make high-quality water available for non-potable uses in the City of Alexandria beginning in 2016. 

AlexRene's Reclaimed Water Bulk Fill Station

Reclaimed water will be distributed to end-users through a bulk fill station located at AlexRenew’s water treatment facility at 1500 Eisenhower Avenue, and through an off-site distribution system.  The system will be continually monitored to guarantee the safety and service our customers expect.


AlexRenew’s Reclaimed Water Program

AlexRenew has developed a reclaimed water program that makes quality water available for non-potable uses in the City of Alexandria for interested parties.  This program is constantly monitored to guarantee the safety and service our customers expect.

In the City of Alexandria, our reclaimed water can be used for a number of beneficial purposes, such as construction dust control and soil compaction, power washing, concrete mixing, landscape irrigation, and for commercial car washing.   

AlexRenew - Rain Barrel


Permissible Uses Non-permissible Uses
•    Construction dust control and soil compaction
•    Concrete mixing
•    Street sweeping
•    Power washing 
•    Landscape irrigation
•    Boiler feed water
•    Cooling tower make-up water
•    Commercial toilet flushing
•    Commercial car washes

•    Cannot be used for food preparation
•    Cannot be used to fill swimming pools  
•    Cannot be used inside one- or two-family dwellings


AlexRenew - Purple Pipe


Using reclaimed water benefits the environment because it reduces nutrient loads discharged into the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Reducing nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus will reduce harmful algae blooms and help to protect fish and wildlife.  In addition, using reclaimed water reduces stress on potable water supplies. 

Who Regulates Reclaimed Water?

AlexRenew’s reclaimed water system is regulated by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  Virginia DEQ has established requirements for system design, treatment, monitoring, permissible and prohibited uses, and reporting.

How Can I Find Out More?

AlexRenew’s reclaimed water bulk fill station located at AlexRenew’s Water Resource Recovery Facility located at 1500 Eisenhower Avenue, provides interested parties with free reclaimed water. Upon establishing a service agreement with AlexRenew, customers may fill and transport reclaimed water in tank trucks for irrigation, vehicle washing, street cleaning, commercial air conditioning, construction activities, and industrial uses. Please submit questions or requests for reclaimed water to our Director of Environmental Performance.