One Water Alexandria to Host 5th Annual Water Discovery Days


One Water Alexandria to Host 5th Annual Water Discovery Days

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Water Discovery Days are here again! AlexRenew, the City of Alexandria, and Virginia American Water celebrate how the water system works in the City of Alexandria and how to support healthier waterways in our community.

Alexandria’s three water system partners — Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), the City of Alexandria, and Virginia American Water — will host the Fifth Annual Water Discovery Days events from September 26 through October 2. This entire week of activities provides a great opportunity for residents and families to learn how the Alexandria water system works and how to support clean water and waterways in our community.

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“Our One Water partnership with AlexRenew and the City of Alexandria is so important to our shared mission of protecting public health and the environment,” said Barry Suits, President of Virginia American Water. “By hosting annual Water Discovery Day events, we hope to educate residents on how water and wastewater services are delivered in Alexandria and foster greater appreciation for our most precious resource.”

Activities held during Water Discovery Days will include:

“Alexandria’s waterways are a vital component of our community’s identity and everyone has a role in preserving and improving our waterways’ health,” said AlexRenew CEO Karen Pallansch. “This year’s Water Discovery Days activities focus on how the value of water intersects with our daily lives and promote actions that all residents can take to protect Alexandria’s waterways.”

“It is essential to protect and enhance Alexandria’s waterways, as water plays an integral part in all aspects of our lives,” said Yon Lambert, Director of Transportation and Environmental Services. “During Water Discovery Days, our goal is to help our community and visitors have a better understanding of their personal connection to water and their role in preserving our waterways.”