Environmental Stewardship


Environmental Stewardship

AlexRenew’s vital mission is to manage our community’s wastewater and improve the health of the waterways that connect us. We are committed to sustainably managing water as a single resource through the entire water cycle by integrating sustainability and resiliency in everything we do. Through our efforts, we strive to provide Alexandrians an opportunity to establish personal connections with our exceptional local waterways.
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Every year, AlexRenew cleans more than 13 billion gallons of water to some of the highest standards in the country and reuses the byproducts to support a physically and economically healthy city. AlexRenew maximizes the reuse of all available resources in our processes to create a sustainable operation that saves money and reduces greenhouse gases. 

Award-Winning Stewardship

Some of the water industry's most influential organizations have recognized AlexRenew's efforts to sustainably manage its operations, minimize its energy usage, and reuse or recycle valuable resources. AlexRenew is dedicated to responsible practices in sustainability, and is proud of its role as a leader in outstanding environmental stewardship in the City of Alexandria.

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Monitoring and Measuring Our Success

The City of Alexandria and AlexRenew share a goal of protecting our waterways. Our onsite laboratory conducts approximately 24,000 analyses annually to ensure we are meeting or exceeding environmental regulatory compliance requirements.

AlexRenew follows the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification that provides a framework and guideline for designing and implementing a successful Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS implements best management practices for pollution prevention, waste management, regulatory compliance, and hazard mitigation to reduce incidents while improving AlexRenew’s reputation, regulatory performance and environmental footprint. We include EMS and Stormwater Awareness Training in new hire orientation, and all employees receive annual refresher training to recognize, prevent, and manage environmental impacts. 

Our continued commitment to environmental progress and community involvement has earned us the highest possible ranking in VDEQ’s Environmental Excellence Program, Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise, entitling AlexRenew to annual permit fee discounts for water and waste permits, and public recognition as an environmental leader.

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AlexRenew Environmental Policy Statement, Signed By Leadership
AlexRenew Environmental Policy Statement Signed By Executive Leadership