AlexRenew has formed strong community partnerships to help spread the message of water stewardship.

Meet Our Partners!

One Water Alexandria

Helping Alexandrian's Know Their H2O

One Water Alexandria Logo

In Alexandria there are three different water utilities that serve our residents: Virginia American Water (VAW), which provides drinking water; the City of Alexandria, which owns the sanitary sewer system and stormwater infrastructure; and Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), which owns the water resource recovery facility, interceptors, pump stations, and four combined sewer outfalls.

In 2018, the One Water Alexandria partnership was established to provide education and outreach to the community and lessen confusion among shared water customers. The eight-person team, which represents the three water entities, developed a multi-phased plan to help Alexandrians get to know their H2O.

The partnership’s campaign efforts feature educational videos, a joint presence at school events and Earth Day, co-sponsoring the annual Water Discovery Day, a creative logo and collateral materials, social media collaboration, water lesson development for third and sixth graders in the public schools, and more.

One Water Alexandria has reached thousands of joint customers, and inquiries about the roles of the respective water entities have gone down by approximately 60%. Additional benefits of the partnership include a well-informed citizenry about how water works in Alexandria, shared expenses for outreach materials and programs, joint personnel resources, increased community interaction, and fostering team spirit between the water entities.

Check out our One Water Alexandria Video

George Mason University (GMU) Researchers

In 2013, AlexRenew partnered with GMU’s Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center to evaluate water quality near Alexandria’s combined sewer outfalls and monitor the water quality of Hunting Creek, AlexRenew’s discharge point. Researchers found over 12 species of fish and submerged aquatic vegetation carpets in Hunting Creek, as well as more than five times the number of adult Alewife fish than in 2018. Understanding the health of aquatic life enables us to gauge the waterway’s environmental health.

GMU Researchers

Eco-City Alexandria

Eco City Alexandria Logo

AlexRenew is a proud partner of Eco-City Alexandria and Eco-City Alexandria Clean Waterways. 

Eco-City Alexandria is a collaborative strategic effort to achieve sustainability throughout the City of Alexandria.  Eco-Cities work to harmonize their natural resources and environmental assets with existing policies, regional realities, and economic and business markets while engaging the community in a collaborative and transparent decision making process.  

Eco-City Clean Waterways is the City's initiative to manage the quality of our local streams, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay. Because good stewardship of our local waterways yields many public health, ecological, and recreational benefits, it is one of the guiding principles of our Eco-City Alexandria Charter and a priority for the City under the Eco-City Alexandria initiative. 

Beginning in the Spring of 2021, Alexandria City will be providing an Eco-City Academy for people who live and/or work in the city. This course is an opportunity to become an Eco-City Ambassador, take actions to make Alexandria City more sustainable, learn about environmental challenges, and contribute to daily sustainable practices to reach the adopted 2019 goals of the City. Special tours may be included. Apply online here. 

City of Alexandria Public Art Residency at AlexRenew

In collaboration with AlexRenew, the City of Alexandria’s Public Art Program has developed the AlexRenew Public Art Residency, which invites artists to engage deeply with the work of AlexRenew and its RiverRenew project, a major initiative to improve the health of Alexandria’s waterways.


Sto Len Wall Art

AlexRenew’s inaugural artist-in-residence is Sto Len, a New York City-based artist who has returned to his hometown of Alexandria to explore the community’s natural and man-made water systems. A print, sound, and performance artist, Sto collects imprints of the world around us, from natural patterns in water, to abstract shapes of trash picked-up along the Potomac Riverfront. He builds upon traditional printing techniques, including marbling, block printing, and cyanotype by using pollution, bacteria, and waste as art materials. The result is an unpacking of humanity’s impacts on the environment that often go unseen or ignored.

Sto Len Print on River

For his residency, Sto is working with scientists, engineers, conservationists, and members of the community to develop a unique understanding of Alexandria’s water systems. His artistic exploration has culminated into an artwork series entitled RENEWAL, an exhibition that aims to renew our relationship to local waterways. Sto’s artistic lens provides viewers with an opportunity to engage with waterfront sites and waterways in a unique way.

Sto Len on Kayak In Potomoca

“From witnessing the large undertaking of the water recovery process to seeing the way it affects everyone’s lives and the waterways around us, I feel very privileged to have been able to spend a lot of time at AlexRenew. The facility itself is like spa for a water body, an essential interconnected hydro-web life system that is allowed time to rest and get the help it needs for rejuvenation in order to rejoin with the larger bodies of water around us.  As an artist, this is ripe for the imagination and I loved documenting the process through my eyes. I am endlessly fascinated with water as both a subject and a medium in my work and this residency has been an inspiring opportunity to see the essential work AlexRenew does everyday - and share it with the public through the language of art.”

Check out Sto Len's artistic exploration of water below! 

Video file

RENEWAL is now on display at the Torpedo Factory, Octobr 10 – December 27.  Please take the opportunity to visit this creative exploration of the essential service we provide to our community and beyond.  If you are unable to attend in person, you can visit Sto’s VIRTUAL TOUR here.