Our Organization


Our Organization

AlexRenew is a wastewater treatment authority serving Alexandria and parts of Fairfax County. Each year, our facility processes and cleans approximately 13 billion gallons of wastewater received from area homes, schools, and businesses. For more than 60 years AlexRenew has protected the community, serving as Alexandria’s resilient provider of clean waterways.

AlexRenew is overseen by a Board of Directors - five citizens appointed by the Alexandria City Council to four-year staggered terms. The Board is a public body in all respects, but is independent of the City government administratively and financially. Board members are responsible for the oversight of AlexRenew and its compliance with the Virginia Water and Wastewater Authorities Act and all environmental regulations.

AlexRenew is organized under key departments:

  • Production: Monitors plant operations and treatment process 
  • Maintenance: Maintains our complete facility of processing and sanitation equipment
  • Quality Services: Ensures regulatory compliance and laboratory testing of water and biosolids
  • Information Systems: Maintains our information technology network and services
  • Engineering: Oversees design and major construction
  • Communications: Provides customer service, marketing and community outreach
  • Finance: Manages accounting, vendor contracting and purchasing
  • Human Resources: Handles safety, training and people