Water Sector Groups Recognize AlexRenew as a Utility of the Future

August 12, 2016
AlexRenew was recognized along with 60 other utilities as a Utility of the Future Today, demonstrating success in innovative and sustainable utility management practices.

On August 8, AlexRenew was recognized as an inaugural Utility of the Future (UOTF) Today. The UOTF Today Recognition Program celebrates the progress and exceptional performance of wastewater utilities.

The recognition is given by a partnership of water sector organizations: the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the Water Environment Federation (WEF), the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and the WateReuse Association — with input from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

AlexRenew along with sixty other public and private utilities from across the U.S., Canada, and Denmark — including our international partner VCS Denmark — were selected from an impressive number of first-year entries by a peer committee of utility leaders.

“Many utilities optimize their operations, consistently meet or exceed their regulatory requirements, and engage their employees and communities in meaningful and productive ways,” said WEF Executive Director Eileen O’Neill. “We are excited about this new opportunity to recognize the achievements of small, medium and large forward-thinking utilities that are providing sustainable, efficient, and value-added service to their communities.”

AlexRenew was selected for recognition based on adoption of UOTF principles, which focus on recovering resources from wastewater, sustainability, organizational culture, and community engagement. Some of the specific innovations AlexRenew has implemented include:

  • Producing exceptional quality Class A biosolids for more than eight years and beneficially reusing this nutrient-rich soil amendment on Virginia farms.
  • Constructing the first reclaimed water supply in Alexandria to share our clean water with the community.
  • Reusing nearly 150 million cubic feet of methane gas produced by our microbes to operate our facilities in 2015 – all in an effort to reach our goal of being a net-zero energy user.
  • Reducing our annual electrical consumption by over 17 percent since 2008.
  • Improving our water transformation process with infrastructure upgrades that will remove 20 percent more nitrogen to better protect the Chesapeake Bay.

These innovations are all about improving quality of life for our customers and using the resources provided to us in the most sustainable way possible. Our goal is to be a partner in local economic development and a strong member of the watershed community.

AlexRenew and other recipients will be recognized and honored during a September 27 ceremony held in conjunction with WEFTEC 2016  –  WEF’s 89th annual technical exhibition and conference  –  in New Orleans, La.