It's not easy to fully convey all that our team members do on a given day, but NACWA's latest issue of Clean Water Advocate does a remarkable job! Click here to read the feature article "A Day in the Life of a Clean Water Worker" that follows AlexRenew Shift Leader James Atkinson throughout his workday!

When it comes to improving the health of local waterways – particularly the Potomac River – change does not typically happen quickly. But 2017 was a year that demonstrated the progress we are making in keeping our local waterways healthy.

It’s a few weeks into January, and if you’re like the majority of Americans, your New Year’s resolutions are starting to wane. We get it, cutting out coffee or dessert seemed achievable during the holidays, but after the “winter cyclone bomb,” you need whatever you can get to keep going and stay warm.

When Yannick Mitheo was young, he dreamed of working in a laboratory. That dream is now helping keep Alexandria’s water clean. Today, Yannick spends his days conducting chemical, physical, and microbiological analysis of solids and wastewater for quality control and environmental standards at AlexRenew. 

Research crew finds river herring spawning, aquatic plant carpets in Cameron Run

Three years ago, AlexRenew initiated a partnership with George Mason University’s Potomac Environmental Research Education Center (PEREC) to conduct an ongoing study of the health of Hunting Creek, the body of water into which AlexRenew discharges its cleaned water. After studying water samples over the course of several months, PEREC has reported that Hunting Creek is healthy.