AlexRenew Announces New Lifeline Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP).


AlexRenew Announces New Lifeline Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP).

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AlexRenew announces the launch of its new Lifeline Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP). Beginning this spring, the program will provide emergency bill assistance for eligible AlexRenew residential customers who are having difficulty paying their sewer bill.
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AlexRenew has partnered with Dollar Energy Fund — a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that specializes in utility assistance — to administer LEAP. Dollar Energy Fund will coordinate its efforts with local community-based agencies for application processing and customer support. 

“We believe this is an important initiative for our customers,” explained AlexRenew’s General Manager and CEO Justin Carl, “the word lifeline, is often associated with water, representing its vital connection to life. Wastewater utilities are essential to people’s everyday lives, and the LEAP program is one way we can help ensure customers have access to this vital resource.”

LEAP will initially be funded through charitable donations made by organizations and community members. Donations can be made directly to Dollar Energy Fund. Visit to make a one-time contribution to the program.