Alexandria Renew Enterprises to Clean and Inspect Holmes Run Trunk Sewer, Starting in February

February 1, 2016

Starting in February, Alexandra Renew Enterprises will begin cleaning and inspecting the Holmes Run Trunk Sewer. The Holmes Run Trunk Sewer is a large underground line that conveys wastewater flow from the City’s sewer lines to AlexRenew. Periodic cleaning and inspection of this line is an important maintenance project that helps AlexRenew reduce the likelihood of pipe failure or related problems.

To complete the work, high-pressure water jets will clean the Holmes Run Trunk Sewer by dislodging debris and sediment. The debris and sediment will be removed using a vacuum truck.  Once the line is clean, a robotic camera will be used to inspect the condition of the line.

Generally, work on the Holmes Run Trunk Sewer will be conducted Monday through Friday during the day. However, if flows in the pipe are high or other conditions necessitate, some work may take place at night. All work will be coordinated with the City and will be in compliance with City Code.

While this work is being conducted, Alexandria residents may see AlexRenew’s contractor, Video Pipe Services, in their neighborhoods and may hear the sound of high-pressure water jets. Since work crews will move from site to site along the line, they will not be in one spot for a long time.   

AlexRenew will be notifying any affected neighbors ahead of time using door hangers, flyers, and meetings with neighborhood associations.