Construction by Neighborhood

We continuously work to be the best neighbor to our community, as we maintain and improve our infrastructure to serve our community. We consider the impacts of our work on our community and the environment at every stage of our projects.

We work closely with the City and citizens to keep construction impacts to a minimum. As much as possible, our work is designed to be integrated into the surrounding urban community.

To help keep our community informed about our work, we’ve provided a list of our current construction projects, by neighborhood.

Old TownArlandriaEast EisenhowerDel Ray

Start date: February, 2016

End date: October, 2017

AlexRenew uses ultraviolet (UV) light for disinfection. UV disinfection does not require any chemicals or pumping. The current system has been in use since 2002 so we’re installing new, more energy efficient...Read more

Start date: February, 2018

End date: April, 2018

AlexRenew will conduct surveying to collect field data and measurements relating to the Clean Waterways Combined Sewer Remediation Project, which will better manage wet water flow to its water resource...Read more

Start date: March, 2018

End date: July, 2018

Alexandra Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) will begin cleaning and inspecting the Commonwealth Interceptor in March, 2018 and scheduled to be completed in Summer, 2018. 

The Commonwealth Interceptor is a large underground...Read more