AlexRenew launches first full-scale sidestream deammonification system

(May 8, 2015 – ALEXANDRIA, VA) Alexandria Renew Enterprises has launched an innovative process to help clean wastewater. The new method uses Anammox microbes, also known as red bugs, and is expected to save up to 25 percent on energy and chemicals compared to conventional wastewater cleaning processes.

AlexRenew is one of the first in the nation to design a full-scale sidestream deammonification system.

Anammox exists in the natural environment and is safe for use in the wastewater cleaning process. The application is used in Europe and Asia with excellent results.

The use of the red bugs will also reduce the number of trucks delivering chemicals to the water resource recovery center located near historic Old Town Alexandria.

The next steps in the use of Anammox will be to learn more and optimize the process, and then begin testing for mainstream operations, which AlexRenew says could lead to even greater cost savings. AlexRenew will be the first water reclamation facility in the country to use mainstream Anammox when it launches its mainstream operation in the fall of 2015.