Pretreatment Customers


Pollutants can interfere with the treatment plant’s operation, harm with the aquatic life of the receiving waters, disrupt the reuse of biosolids, or adversely affect worker health and safety. We evaluate the wastewater of new and existing facilities through surveys and/or issuing wastewater discharge permits, monitoring permitted industries by regularly sampling wastewater discharge, and conducting facility inspections.


Significant Industrial Users (SIU) Permit

  • Wastewater discharge generally greater than 25,000 gallons per day (GPD) or
  • Federally required industry (categorical industry)

General Permit

  • Groundwater remediation

Letter of Approval

  • One time discharges or for discharges of limited duration


Fee Schedule

  • Permit Application: $100.00
  • Permit Fees:
    • Significant Industrial User: $1,500.00 per year
    • Non-significant Industrial User: $500.00 per year
  • Permit Revision: $100.00

A permit includes pretreatment requirements, discharge limits, and special conditions for Significant Industrial User or Categorical sites. The fee covers Alexandria Renew Enterprises’ costs in administering the permit. Permits are issued for up to five years.

  • Letter of Approval: $100.00

Letters of Approval are issued for one time discharges or for discharges of limited duration.


Local Limit Standards (Table 1)

Parameter Daily Maximum (mg/L)
Arsenic 0.40
Cadmium 0.60
Chromium 5.30
Copper 2.00
Cyanide 0.90
Lead 1.00
Molybdenum 2.70
Mercury 0.002
Nickel 2.00
Silver 1.20
Zinc 4.70
Oil and Grease 100.00
TTO 1.00
pH <6.0 or >ll.0 S.U.


Contact Information

Before discharging any industrial waste to the sewer (waste from toilets is not included), a business must contact Alexandria Renew Enterprises to obtain the proper authorization. Please call (703) 549-3381 ext. 3020.

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