Bid & Proposal Opportunities

Bid & Proposal Opportunities


Let's Do Business Together

From office supplies, uniforms and safety equipment to construction and repair activities, Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) purchases a wide variety of goods and services to help run and manage our daily operations. We issue solicitations in the form of request for proposal (RFP), qualifications (RFQ), information (RFI), expressions of interest (RFEI), and invitations for bid (IFB).

Make sure you’ve reviewed how to do business with AlexRenew and completed your eVA registration before you submit a bid or proposal.

A list of our current opportunities is provided below, followed by opportunities under review and recent awards.

Upcoming Vendor Outreach Sessions

Save the Dates!

AlexRenew, in partnership with the City of Alexandria, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), and Alexandria Transit Company (DASH), will host two joint vendor outreach sessions. 

• April 26, 2019: Patrick Henry Recreation Center – 9:30 am -12:00 pm

• May 17, 2019: Nannie J. Lee Recreation Center – 9:00 am -12:00 pm

Vendors and entities interested in doing business with us are encouraged to attend. 

Information obtained on this web site is provided solely as a convenience to potential Bidders and Offerors, and such Bidders and Offerors assume all risks associated with using this site. Additionally, by downloading the solicitations contained herein you hereby agree not to alter the contents of the document in any way. Further, by downloading the solicitation documents from this site, you agree that you are responsible for obtaining any addenda that may be issued.

The date and time of posting on the AlexRenew website shall be the date and time of the official issuance or notification of the solicitation or any modification to the solicitation process. It is the responsibility of each vendor to check the AlexRenew website daily for posted notifications, amendments and updates. 

Thank you for your interest in conducting business with AlexRenew. 

Current Bids

ITB Title: Building J Facilities Relocation and Decommissioning
Item #: ITB No. 19-064

ITB Title: Process Air Compressors System Upgrade
Item #: ITB No. 19-041

RFQ Title: Pressure Washing Services
Item #: RFQ No. 19-070

ITB Title: Provision of Xylem Flygt 4650 Compact Mixers
Item #: ITB No. 19-068

ITB Title: Provision and Installation of Coils and Louvers
Item #: ITB No. 19-065

Pending/Under Evaluation

ITB Title: Provision Installation of Coils and Louvers
Item #: ITB No. 19-065

ITB Title: Ground Maintenance Services
Item #: ITB No. 19-058

IFB Title: Electric Manholes and Vault Inspection and Services
Item #: IFB No. 19-036

ITB Title: Bldg. J Electric Chillers and AHU's
Item #: ITB No. 19-018

ITB Title: Bldg. J Purchase of Heat Exchangers
Item #: ITB No. 19-019

RFP Title: Web Design and Maintenance: Proposals Received
Item #: RFP No. 19-010

IFB Title: Annual Inspection and Testing Services
Item #: IFB No. 19-027

IFB Title: Disposal Services for Plane Scum and Grit Material
Item #: IFB No. 19-028

ITB Title: Roof Replacement for Building G
Item #: ITB No. 19-037

ITB Title: On Call Electric Plumbing and Mechanical Services
Item #: ITB No. 19-056

IFB Title: Disposal Services for Plane Scum and Grit Material
Item #: ITB No. 19-028

Awarded Contracts