What We Do

Alexandria Renew Enterprises is one of the most advanced water resource recovery public utilities in the United States. We clean dirty water to protect our community and the environment. When dirty water flows from your home or business, we get to work turning it into sparkling, clean water.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises Environmental Policy Statement.

Surprised you can’t find us by our smell? Thank our odor scrubbers that literally suck in and scrub the air from our sewage treatment buildings, giving Alexandria fresh air as we clean the dirty water from the City of Alexandria and parts of Fairfax.

Giving Back Through Sustainability

Reclaimed Water | Renewable Energy | Replenished Land

What exactly do we do with the water that leaves your house?

AlexRenew’s state-of-the-art technology and dedicated workforce commit to:

  • Treat wastewater and deliver clean, renewable water back to our community and our local waters
  • Improve the health of our local waterways like Hunting Creek and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  • Invest in our community by providing quality jobs, training and education, and by sourcing regionally
  • Give back through renewable energy and sustainable operations

As an AlexRenew customer, you’re our partner in supporting key research and sustainability efforts to protect and improve our waterways and water quality. We can all be proud that the water we discharge into the Potomac River is actually cleaner than the river itself!

2040 Vision Statement

By 2040, we have served as a catalyst and are effectively partnered with all watershed stakeholders to:

  • Enable local citizens the opportunity to establish a personal connection with local waterways so that we can eat local fish and swim in local streams;
  • Support a healthy and resilient local economy through stable rates, supported by diversifying revenue and maximizing resource recovery; and
  • Create an informed citizenry regarding the importance of water so that water stewardship is achieved through personal and organizational actions.