Video Spotlight: Alexandria's Water Transformers

Most people don’t give a second thought as to where their water goes when they’re done with it. That’s because there is a team of professionals working every hour of every day to make sure the community’s wastewater service is uninterrupted.

This summer, AlexRenew celebrates 60 years of cleaning our community’s dirty water. For 60 years, our team of wastewater professionals has provided peace of mind that water leaves your home without issue and that your favorite streams, rivers, and bays improve for future generations.

In fact, the better we at AlexRenew transform water, the more invisible we are to the community. Our Alexandria’s Water Transformers video shows how your investment supports important careers that are vital to protecting public health and the environment. We hope that next time you send water down the drain, you’ll stop and think of the team of workers who make it possible.

Produced by Steve Droter