FAQs/Alexandria Renew Enterprise Billing System

How can I set up a new account or close my account with Alexandria Renew Enterprises?
Go here to set up or close your Alexandria Renew Enterprises account.

How often will I receive AlexRenew bills?
As a residential customer, you will receive a bill from Alexandria Renew Enterprises each month starting in Fall 2014. Non-residential customers will continue to receive bills monthly.  To see a sample of the new Alexandria Renew Enterprises bill, click here

What is Alexandria Renew Enterprises?
Alexandria Renew Enterprises used to be called the Alexandria Sanitation Authority, which was established more than 50 years ago to treat wastewater. Things have changed a lot since then. Alexandria Renew still cleans wastewater, but also saves energy, preserves natural resources, and meets tougher water and wastewater laws. The new name reflects those changes.

Will this have an effect on my rate?
The change to monthly billing will not affect AlexRenew’s rate structure or plan. However, a small increase of 13 cents per thousand gallons in monthly usage rates is scheduled to go into effect October 1, 2014. That rate increase was announced last year following a public meeting and is not related to this bill change. To learn more about your rates, go here.

Will I be able to pay my bill online?
Yes, you can pay your bill online. There are several ways to pay. An automatic payment option will allow for your bill to be paid on time, every time, from your checking or savings account. There is no fee to participate in the automatic payment option.  If you’d like to register for automatic payment, go here and click on the “Enroll in Automatic Payment” button. You can also pay online using a credit or debit card. However, there will be a convenience fee for making a payment using a credit or debit card.

I pay my bill automatically with Virginia American Water. Will Virginia American Water register me to pay my Alexandria Renew Enterprises bill automatically?
No. You must register here to allow for Automatic Payment for Alexandria Renew Enterprises.

Can I pay my bill using a credit or debit card?
Yes. You can pay using a credit or debit card by paying over the phone at 703-549-3383 or by paying online. However, there will be a convenience fee for using a credit or debit card to pay your Alexandria Renew Enterprises. The fee is based on the amount owed.

How can I stay informed about this change?
We will keep you up to date through www.alexrenew.com, Facebook at Alexandria Renew Enterprises, and Twitter at AlexRenewCEO. You can also contact us at 703-549-3383.

Is Alexandria Renew Enterprises a new sewage service provider?
No. Alexandria Renew Enterprises used to be called Alexandria Sanitation Authority.

Will this affect my trash pickup?
No. Alexandria Renew Enterprises (formerly Alexandria Sanitation Authority) does not and never has provided trash pickup. To learn more about trash pickup, go here.

What is the City sewage collection fee on my bill?
The City of Alexandria collects fees from ratepayers to help pay for the pipes and sewers the city owns and maintains. This is not a new fee or charge. The fee costs $1.25 per thousand gallons of water used per home or business. It is not prorated through the winter quarter charge.

How can I be sure Alexandria Renew Enterprise will receive my payment?
The most way to be sure Alexandria Renew Enterprises received your payment is to use automatic bill payment. If you pay by mail, be sure that you include your Alexandria Renew Enterprises account number on your check if you pay by mail. Use the envelope provided with your bill, and write your check to “Alexandria Renew Enterprises.”

The mailing address is:

Alexandria Renew Enterprises
P.O. Box 26428
Alexandria, VA 22313-6428

It’s important to note that your Alexandria Renew Enterprises account number is not the same as your Virginia American Water account number, so be sure you pay your Alexandria Renew Enterprises bill using your Alexandria Renew Enterprises account number — NOT your Virginia American Water account number.

I used to pay my Alexandria Sanitation Authority bill on my Virginia American Water bill. What happened?
Beginning in October 2012, Alexandria Renew Enterprises customers  started receiving a separate bill for wastewater treatment services that will include the City’s sewer collection charges as well. Previously, wastewater treatment costs were included in your Virginia American Water bill.

Why did the billing system change?
The new billing system changed because Virginia American Water informed Alexandria Renew Enterprises late in 2011 that it would no longer provide third-party billing services. We are now refining our new billing system so we can provide outstanding customer service to ratepayers while collecting the revenue needed to provide the services we provide.

Is my Alexandria Renew Enterprises account number the same as my Virginia American Water account number?
No, your Alexandria Renew Enterprises account number is different than your Virginia American Water account number. Be sure when you pay that you refer to your Alexandria Renew Enterprises account number. You’ll find it on the right hand side of your Alexandria Renew bill, and also at the top of the payment portion of the bill.

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