EMS Program

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a modern management approach to develop, implement, and monitor environmentally sustainable practices. An EMS helps a utility be more efficient, responsive, and protective of the environment beyond regulatory compliance. An EMS is a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the processes and actions that an organization undertakes to meet its business and environmental goals.

Benefits of an EMS include:

  • Better use of all resources
  • Improved operating and maintenance efficiencies
  • Improved relations with stakeholders, including rate payers, regulators, environmental groups and biosolids end-users
  • Reduction of environmental footprint
  • Enhance environmental compliance
  • Improve employee awareness of environmental issues and responsibilities

The Alexandria Renew Enterprises is a certified National Biosolids Partnership organization as well as a participant in the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Virginia Environmental Excellence Program.

A successful EMS depends on input from interested parties and external oversight from independent auditors. The auditors verify that the utility is effectively managing their environmental and community health impacts. Contact AlexRenew at (703) 549-3381 or emsadmin@alexrenew.com to request being added to the Interested Parties List, request specific information, and/or receive EMS program correspondence.

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